BookSpring cordially requests your participation in an early literacy initiative to get 20 books in every Central Texas home by the year 2020. We need your help to remind all Central Texas families how inspirational and important books at home are for our children’s futures!

Our mission is to build early literacy in children and families through healthcare, education, and the community. Help us realize a vision of a world of families reading and succeeding together.

Spread the word by telling your own stories about growing up and reading and post to social media using #20by2020.

Here is a guideline you can use for inspiration

  • What was your favorite children’s book, and who was the author?
  • What was it about this book that made it special to you?
  • Who was your favorite character?
  • What was the most exciting moment?
  • Read a passage from it aloud for us
  • What was the overall lesson or theme from the book?
  • How did it change your life for the better?
  • What would you say to a parent who says they don’t have time to read together with their kids?